We are happy to engage with the public to advise on research matters and to disseminate our work.


2021:    Neuroscience news piece on Hobbies and Mental Health

2021:    University of Reading blog on Hobbies and Mental health in lockdown

2019:    University of Reading article on our Conversation piece

2019:   Article talking about the Festival of Neuroscience in Dublin and mentioning work on Adolescent Depression, Be Good Early Intervention Ethics Website

2019:    Report on Festival of Neuroscience mentioning talk on Depression Symptoms and Reward in Adolescents, “When Psychiatry meets Neuroscience” Royal College of Psychiatrists Insight Magazine,

2018:    Article on Music and the Reward system, British Association of Psychopharmacology website,

2018:    Article on Music and the Reward system, Reading Festival Website, 2018:

2017:    Report on the Cheltenham Science Festival written by McCabe and Antonesei, British Association of Psychopharmacology Website

2017:    Article mentioning our work using neuroimaging to investigate reward processing in the brains of people with depression, Dana Foundation website.

2016:    Article that mentionsresearch into Chocolate and reward, Optima Magazine website, 2016:

2015:    Video of our work for public website, Centre for Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN), The University of Reading

2015:    British Association of Psychopharmacology council member candidates statements, BAP Newsletter

2015:    Results of the election to the British Association of Psychopharmacology council  and report on Dr McCabe winning Senior Psychopharm Award, BAP Newsletter, 2015 : 

2015:    In a lift with interview with McCabe about our work, University of Reading,

2015:    How do we defeat eating disorders? Brain biomarkers could provide the ammunition, News Article University of Reading Website,

2014:    Article of presentation at the Cheltenham Science Festival on how rewarding foods affect brain activity, British Association of Psychopharmacology website 2014:

2014:    Article on work on eating disorders and appeal for volunteers, Berkshire Live Website,

2013:    News article about our Biological Psychiatry paper, Department of Psychiatry website.

2012:    Article about Umami that mentions research paper, Persepsyon word press website,

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2007:    Article about obesity and addictive foods that includes our research Neuroscience Marketing Website,

2007:    Article about the Science of Chocolate that talks about our research, explain that stuff website, updated

2006:    Article talking about our research about chocolate and reward Trinigourmet website, 2006:

2006:    Article about our work on chocolate and the reward centre, Neuroscience Marketing website,